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Not getting the right candidates from your job postings? At least 60% of well qualified candidates are busy and not looking for work. Many of them will, however, listen to a professional recruiter.


David Bruce has over 25 years of business experience with client companies located on five continents, ranging from startup companies to large, multinational corporations.  Prior to launching Bruce & Associates, LLC, David spent 13 years as a senior recruiter with Management Recruiters International, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, preceded by 12 years with components-manufacturing  industry leader Leggett and Platt, Inc.  During his manufacturing days, David successfully climbed the managerial ladder to the position of Area Sales Manager for multiple western states while General Manager of a manufacturing and warehousing facility.  As a recruiter with MRI, David focused on both direct and contract placement of candidates.  He demonstrated an ability to find and recruit top talent for his client companies, and his ability to both assemble and manage large teams of contractors proved to be an asset.   David achieved multi-million dollar sales milestones and earned the prestigious 2007 and 2008 International Account Executive of the Year award.   Today, David focuses on helping companies achieve organizational excellence.   This includes recruitment activities as well as partnering on organization development programs. To learn more about how David can impact your group, please contact him online.

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Teresa Bruce has vast experience (20 years) in the world of non-profits.  Beginning with volunteer service on many community boards, Teresa later transitioned to paid staff as Executive Director for an organization with over a million dollars of assets and a $500,000 annual budget.Teresa offers expertise in each of the following areas for small to medium non-profit agencies:

  • fundraising,
  • event planning,
  • membership recruitment and retention, and
  • office administration

If your organization needs a onetime consultation or ongoing assistance, please contact her online.

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Should you assign your next search to a single recruiter? Yes! You’ll enjoy a more predictable process and you’ll also avoid the typical hot/cold activity that comes when working with multiple recruiters. Call us to learn more!
“David recruited me to work for a small project through MRI. David thought of absolutely everything.

I was impressed by his ability to think, not only of the best needs of his client, but also of my needs as the contractor. David made himself available above and beyond the call of duty during my on-site position. He made sure that I was well briefed, and made every effort to make sure I had all the information needed so that I could do my job well.

David's ability to multi-task, think out of the box, and see the small and big picture are a real advantage to his company.”

Deborah E-S Hemstreet
Technical Communication Specialist and Consultant
“David is an executive's executive. He has the keen eye of someone who can identify and solve complex issues quickly and efficiently, and the demeanor of an Air Force Major who does not buckle under immense pressure.”

Larry Green,Industrial Production Manager, OSi LLC

“I've worked with David on and off for a number of years, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate being placed. David has excellent attention to detail, and is very forthright and efficient with his interactions...He regards our time together as precious and doesn't waste time. He's a good listener.”

James Isaacson
hired David as a Recruiter in 2002
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