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Hiring: Focus on Challenges & Impact First, Seek Candidates Second

Do you thoroughly understand why your company is creating a new position?  Knowing the answer to that question before you start to interview could mark the difference between your company expanding its growth potential or simply expanding its payroll expenses.

When I discuss details of a new candidate search with a client company, two important aspects of the new position I insist on understanding are 1) what’s not happening, or what challenges is the organization facing, as a result of not having the employee on staff and 2) what impact is the person expected to have on the organization?   Many hiring managers can’t fully answer one or both questions!

Discovering the challenges can sometimes take some careful thought.  The recent economic downturn led most businesses to not only halt virtually all of their hiring activities but also to engage in large-scale layoffs of personnel.   While these layoffs included some of the low-performing employees, they also included key personnel whose responsibilities were shifted to management or others in the department.  Not surprisingly, these shrunken organizations began to fall short of key mileposts and soon missed many annual goals altogether.    While assuming too quickly that shortcomings are a result of a poor economy is an obvious lack of thought, assuming that adding more sales people because revenues are down is equally lacking.

Discovering the true challenges requires first answering all of the pertinent who, what, when, where, how questions.    A true challenge is understood when the expected accomplishments of one additional employee can address it.  Remember, you might need a full team of people to accomplish something yet you must understand what each individual contribution must be in order to make the correct hire for each position.

Once the challenge is understood, create a point-by-point description of what the new employee must accomplish in order to impact the challenge.  Be specific.  This list will also serve as an evaluation form down the road.

Now you’re ready to develop a skills list, position description, and position selling points needed to begin your candidate search.

David Bruce
Bruce & Associates, LLC
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
(801) 542-9015

About Bruce & Associates, LLC recruiting:  We’re more than just another job recruiter, executive recruiter, or crisis response team; we find the human solutions that put companies back on track to surpass their strategic targets.  Anyone can find a “body”, we’re known for finding the right people.  If you’re considering launching a hiring process and want to review the steps with a seasoned recruitment professional, please contact me via email at david@bruceandassociates.com and let’s set up a time to talk.

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Testimonial About David
“Dave is my first experience successfully using a recruiting firm. I have both worked for him and used his services to fill positions.

Dave found the perfect fit for me where I excelled and similarly found great fits for the positions I have had open. Will definitely consult for future services.”

—Terry Groulx
hired David as a Recruiter in 2007
Testimonial About Teresa
“I had the pleasure of working with Teresa while I was serving as the President of the United Jewish Federation of Utah. I would summarize Teresa's strengths in this capacity as project management and people skills.

Her tenacity to get things done when they had to be done benefited the organization greatly, as did her people skills which enabled a high donor retention rate.”

—James Isaacson
Colleague of Teresa's in 2004
“David recruited me to work for a small project through MRI. David thought of absolutely everything.

I was impressed by his ability to think, not only of the best needs of his client, but also of my needs as the contractor. David made himself available above and beyond the call of duty during my on-site position. He made sure that I was well briefed, and made every effort to make sure I had all the information needed so that I could do my job well.

David's ability to multi-task, think out of the box, and see the small and big picture are a real advantage to his company.”

Deborah E-S Hemstreet
Technical Communication Specialist and Consultant
“David is an executive's executive. He has the keen eye of someone who can identify and solve complex issues quickly and efficiently, and the demeanor of an Air Force Major who does not buckle under immense pressure.”

Larry Green,Industrial Production Manager, OSi LLC

“I've worked with David on and off for a number of years, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate being placed. David has excellent attention to detail, and is very forthright and efficient with his interactions...He regards our time together as precious and doesn't waste time. He's a good listener.”

James Isaacson
hired David as a Recruiter in 2002
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