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The Golden Rule for Candidates

The golden rule for candidates is simply this: that level of evidence you would expect from someone selling you a high-priced product, you must also expect to present to a prospective employer with whom you would wish to become a high-priced employee.

Think back to the last time you made a major purchase, say $50k or higher. No doubt you did some thorough research on the product. In the midst of product claims, reviews, and all the other information you accumulated in your research, it’s likely you found enough evidence about the product to conclude the product could accomplish what you needed and could justify the price.

As a candidate, think of yourself as a product with an annual price tag equal to the salary plus benefits. Now you’re the major purchase! Company hiring managers will look for evidence that your hire will somehow increase the company’s bottom line. What’s your best offering of evidence? A description of your professional accomplishments; that is, descriptions that clearly define how you increased a company’s bottom line by either increasing revenues or decreasing expenses. Be careful, if the accomplishment statement doesn’t describe a bottom line impact it’s not an accomplishment. “Works well with others” isn’t an accomplishment. “Increased product turnover 30%…” is.

Add accomplishment statements with each listed employment position on your resume. Avoid grouping them at the top of your resume because hiring managers will want to know when and where the accomplishments occurred.

Tip: use formatting bullets so they’re easy to find. Example:

Company (present company) Dates
Summary of responsibilities and duties
• Accomplishment 1
• Accomplishment 2

Company (next most recent) Dates
Summary of responsibilities and duties
• Accomplishment 1
• Accomplishment 2

David Bruce
Bruce & Associates, LLC
Salt Lake City, UT 84117
(801) 542-9015

About Bruce & Associates, LLC recruiting: We’re more than just another job recruiter, executive recruiter, or crisis response team; we find the human solutions that put companies back on track to surpass their strategic targets. Anyone can find a “body”, we’re known for finding the right people. If you’re considering launching a hiring process and want to review the steps with a seasoned recruitment professional, please contact me via email at david@bruceandassociates.com and let’s set up a time to talk.

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Did you know? A skilled third party recruiter is trained in the latest hiring laws and can help you avoid the inadvertent slips that can lead to government actions and negative press.
Testimonial About David
“Dave is my first experience successfully using a recruiting firm. I have both worked for him and used his services to fill positions.

Dave found the perfect fit for me where I excelled and similarly found great fits for the positions I have had open. Will definitely consult for future services.”

—Terry Groulx
hired David as a Recruiter in 2007
Testimonial About Teresa
“I had the pleasure of working with Teresa while I was serving as the President of the United Jewish Federation of Utah. I would summarize Teresa's strengths in this capacity as project management and people skills.

Her tenacity to get things done when they had to be done benefited the organization greatly, as did her people skills which enabled a high donor retention rate.”

—James Isaacson
Colleague of Teresa's in 2004
“David recruited me to work for a small project through MRI. David thought of absolutely everything.

I was impressed by his ability to think, not only of the best needs of his client, but also of my needs as the contractor. David made himself available above and beyond the call of duty during my on-site position. He made sure that I was well briefed, and made every effort to make sure I had all the information needed so that I could do my job well.

David's ability to multi-task, think out of the box, and see the small and big picture are a real advantage to his company.”

Deborah E-S Hemstreet
Technical Communication Specialist and Consultant
“David is an executive's executive. He has the keen eye of someone who can identify and solve complex issues quickly and efficiently, and the demeanor of an Air Force Major who does not buckle under immense pressure.”

Larry Green,Industrial Production Manager, OSi LLC

“I've worked with David on and off for a number of years, both as a hiring manager and as a candidate being placed. David has excellent attention to detail, and is very forthright and efficient with his interactions...He regards our time together as precious and doesn't waste time. He's a good listener.”

James Isaacson
hired David as a Recruiter in 2002
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